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Who We Are

San Moissan is a family-owned company with deep roots in the fine jewelry business. Our expertise with gemstones goes back three generations, and that passion and commitment is clear in the work that we do. Originally specialists in diamonds, that all changed when we were introduced to moissanite – a rare and precious gemstone that was discovered in 1893, but only recently introduced to the jewelry market in 1998. It was hard for us to believe that any other gem could beat a diamond in brilliance and value. But examining moissanite under a jeweler’s loupe was the tipping point – we were amazed to find that after years in the gem business, we couldn’t differentiate it from a diamond. In fact, the clarity, colorlessness, fire and radiance were truly incredible. We were sold. It was clear that moissanite was the future of fine jewelry, and that’s when San Moissan was born.

Our business today has the benefit of complete vertical integration in the jewelry making process. That includes everything from sourcing rough stones, to producing the moissanite gems themselves along with the jewelry, all the way down to selling directly to you. This is a huge cost savings that we pass along to our customers. Our facilities also house state-of-the-art technology for growing and precision-cutting moissanite, allowing us to produce the most perfect gemstones available. We encourage you to experience the San Moissan difference for yourself and shop the collection here. San Moissan runs all its operations in India under its company Devi Diamonds.

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