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Loose Emerald Moissanite



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This loose moissanite in the shape of an emerald looks enthralling. Without a doubt, this elongated moissanite shape gives an elegant appearance when studded with any jewellery. This solitaire shape is ideal for rings and pendants, and the wearer can feel the confidence after wearing an emerald moissanite accessory. Moreover, the chiseled step cuts of this shape reflect magnificent sparkle and shine. With its emphasis or rich color and clarity, this shape has a serene beauty more than any other shape. This affordable moissanite shape is available at a much lower price than any other shape. Therefore, it makes an outstanding choice for the ones who look for a brilliant stone on a budget. 

A few more facts about the Emerald-shaped loose moissanite stones

An emerald-cut stone shape gives a vintage look to all the accessories made from it.So, let’s have a quick glance at a few more essential facts about this shape. 

  • The term “emerald cut” came about as the shape was originally developed for cutting emeralds. 
  • Emerald cut stones are known for their large, window-like table, and step cut pavilion which creates a mesmerizing hall-of-mirrors reflection effect. 
  • The traditional length-to-width ratio for an emerald cut is around 1.5.
  • These emerald cut shapes can vary from near-square to narrow rectangle too. 

Besides providing a mesmerizing collection of moissanite jewellery, San Moissan is also a loose moissanite wholesale store. Here, all the moissanites are of VVS quality – the highest quality of gemstones as per industry standards.Furthermore, they are available in different sizes and hence you can pick the one you like.Also, you get is emerald stone in a beautiful box of dimensions as 10 × 10 × 8 cm with a weight of 0.150 kg. 



0.15 kg


10 × 10 × 8 cm

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