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This loose princess moissanite gemstone is known for its magnificent brilliance. This shape features an excellent facet design that goes perfectly with various jewellery like rings, earrings,and more.When studded on a ring with different settings, it gives a mesmerizing appearance to them. With the bezel settings, they give a fashion statement. And in a ring with a four prong setting , it becomes a symbol of simplistic beauty. Even in pendants, this shape looks astonishing. Indeed, this shape is one of a kind that never goes out of fashion. 

Dwell in the Elegance of Moissanite,Feel its Charm!

A few more Characteristics of this Princess Cut Moissanite Stone

Many people adore this princess cut loose moissanite stone shape. Moreover, there is always an argument that princess cuts can even appear larger than round cut stones of the same carat weight. It is because their corner-to-corner measurement appears larger than the equivalent round gem’s diameter.Let’s have a glimpse of some more goodies of moissanite stone:

  • Having a high refractive index even more than a diamond, moissanite glimmers perfectly. 
  • If it’s about durability, this stone stands out excellently due to its scratch-resistant surface. Indeed, this gemstone requires minimal maintenance. 
  • It is one of the hardest stones next to diamonds, and measures  9.25 Mohs on the scale of hardness. 

This eco-friendly and conflict-free stone comes in a 0.150 kg box with dimensions as 10 × 10 × 8 cm. Undoubtedly, its box looks vintage and classy. Moreover, San Moissan sells all the moissanite stones of VVS quality- the highest quality as per the industry standards. Additionally, you can get your customized princess cut moissanite earrings crafted from a pair of these loose stones. 



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10 × 10 × 8 cm

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