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Loose Pear Moissanite



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Loose pear moissanite solitaire stones are always a perfect option if you are a kind of a person who likes unique designs. Do you know why? It is due to the reason that this moissanite is used to make creative designs without compromising your choice and preferences. Without a doubt, these utterly chic and unique, pear cut moissanites are a combination of a brilliant round shape and a marquise. All you need to do is to pick a jewellery design that you need and give the loose stone to the artisan to craft it. 

What type of jewellery fits best for loose pear moissanite?

When it’s about the type of jewellery, then this solitaire stone helps to craft a beautiful moissanite pear ring. With one rounded end and the other coming to a point, pear shapes are thought to make the wearer’s finger look longer and slimmer. Pear cut gems can vary in narrowness, though a classic pear cut has a length-to-width ratio of around 1.40 – 1.70. All the stones at San Moissan are of VVS quality – the highest quality as per the industry standards. 

Are you searching for loose moissanite stones for sale?

This online jewellery store is the best option if you need loose stones. Also, the price is so affordable that it’s unbelievable to imagine that anyone would get such a classy stone at this budget. Also here are a few specifications of moissanite:

  • The wearer can embrace the sustainable living wearing the accessories made from these eco-friendly stones. 
  • When it comes to hardness, these stones measure 9.25 Mohs on the scale of hardness. 
  • Being scratch-resistant, these stones are durable and need minimal maintenance. 
  • In terms of heat-resistance, these stones can withstand upto 1100 degree centigrades of heat. 

Buy this stone today and take a step forward in getting elegantly-crafted jewellery for you.



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