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Circle shapes have several meanings. And in jewellery, they symbolize eternal bonds. Introducing you, this Round Moissanite Loose Gemstone, an epitome of infinite beauty for your dazzling jewellery. Thanks to its eight arrows in the crown and eight hearts in the pavilion for reflecting an endless gleam. Undoubtedly, this modern-day facet design features heart and arrows cut, giving it a mesmerizing appearance. Only skilled artisans can create this stunning cut design. So, we at San Moissan give you an assurity for serving you this stone in its ultimate quality. Do you know why? Because all our stones are of VVS quality- the highest quality as per the industry standards. 

Essential Characteristics of Loose Moissanites

Having their availability in different shapes, carat weights, and sizes, loose moissanites are ideal for designing alluring jewellery. But when it’s about the further qualities of moissanite stone, here are a few more of them:

  • Buying these stones, you can put a step forward towards embracing sustainable living. It is because these are laboratory-made gemstones and involve zero mining process.
  • One of the hardest gemstones next to diamonds, they are known for their extreme hardness measuring 9.25 Mohs. 
  • The scratch-resistance of moissanite makes them durable and they glimmer forever. 
  • If it’s about heat-resistance, moissanites can withstand upto 1100 centigrade of heat. 

Specifications of this Round-cut Stone

This round-cut stone gives an enthralling look when studded in different jewellery designs. Undeniably, this shape gives a dazzling appearance to every jewellery. Enlisted are a few specifications of this round-cut stone:

  • It comes in a pretty box measuring 10 × 10 × 8 cm and the total weight of its box is 0.150 kg. 
  • Available on an affordable budget, these stones look royal and classy. 
  • These stones are available in various carat weights ranging from 0.26ct to 6.32ct. 

Either it is a timeless round moissanite ring or a delicate round-cut solitaire pendant, this shape is perfect for all of them. 



0.15 kg


10 × 10 × 8 cm

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