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A gemstone with timeless beauty, this loose cushion moissanite has a sparkling appearance. Justifying its name perfectly, this cushion cut stone features a pillowy, square design with rounded corners.Undeniably, it is the most favored shape by jewelers for almost 200 years. This cushion cut gemstone has a vintage appeal. Moreover, it is popular for its dramatic fire and brilliance. San Moissan presents this cushion cut gem with a modern update of hearts and arrows facet pattern. So, this gives them a forever brilliance than ever before. This Hearts and Arrows cushion cut stone allows for optimal light reflection. Additionally, it showcases eight arrows and eight hearts in a dazzling display along the crown and pavilion.

Characteristics of Cushion-cut Moissanites

Moissanites are the eco-friendly gemstones that involve zero mining processes. They have a high refractive index and this is the only reason for their eternal glimmer. Here are a few more characteristics cushion-cut moissanites:

  • Moissanites are known for their excellent heat-resistance and they can withstand upto 1100 degree centigrade of heat. 
  • In terms of hardness, they are one of the hardest gemstones next to diamonds, measuring 9.25 Mohs. 
  • The scratch-resistant surface of moissanite makes it a durable stone that needs minimal maintenance. 

Either it’s cushion moissanite rings or solitaire moissanite pendants, this loose stone is ideal for all of them. 

This loose moissanite gemstone comes in a beautiful box weighing 0.150 kg with dimensions as 10 × 10 × 8 cm. Furthermore, these stones are available in different carats, ranging from 0.60ct to 5ct. All the moissanite stones sold here are of VVS quality- the highest quality as per the industry standards. 

So, if you wish to own a customized cushion moissanite engagement ring, buy this loose stone from our store first. Later, you can get your ring designed effortlessly.



0.15 kg


10 × 10 × 8 cm

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