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The vintage asscher moissanite shape is the most suitable shape for the ones who adore a unique look. It is an octagonal moissanite with layered facets along with a square shape. Featuring a deep pavilion and high crown, the  asscher cut offers excellent brilliance and a signature appeal. Typically, there are two types of asscher cuts, named as the Royal Asscher Cut and the standard Asscher Cut. The Royal Asscher company introduced both of them. Asscher Brothers of Holland produced this shape in 1902. However, this shape got popular in 2002, almost hundred years after its creation with minimal change to its cut technique. 

About the uses of this loose solitaire stone and its characteristics

San Moissan presents this loose solitaire stone that you can use to get your intricately-crafted asscher moissanite ring. Additionally, in terms of durability, all these stones have a scratch-resistant surface for allowing them to shine with the same intensity, forever.Here are a few more characteristics of a loose asscher-shaped moissanite stone:

  •  Having a high refractive index and multiple facets, this stone reflects a magnificent gleam. 
  • As per its hardness is concerned, this stone is one of the hardest gemstones next to diamonds. It measures 9.25 Mohs on the scale of hardness. 
  • This stone can withstand upto 1100 degree centigrade of heat, retaining its color and lustre. 

All the moissanite solitaire stones available here are of VVS quality- the highest quality as per the industry standards. Besides that, these loose solitaires are available in different shapes. Hence, select the one that you like from its available options. Additionally, the asscher-shaped stone you buy, comes in an elegant box weighing 0.150 kg with the dimensions of 10 × 10 × 8 cm.

Ready, steady, and go. Buy this loose moissanite for your asscher moissanite engagement ring.



0.15 kg


10 × 10 × 8 cm

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