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Catherine 0.49ct Moissanite Solitaire Pendant With Beaded Bezel Setting 925 Silver

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Product Information

San Moissan presents this elegantly-crafted moissanite solitaire pendant that represents every unique relationship. This vintage pendant adds more glam to the overall attire of the wearer. This delicate pendant makes your imperfect life close to perfect. It is tapered with 14k gold over 925 sterling silver that looks spellbound. With a total carat weight of 0.49ct, this pendant has a royal appearance. Moreover, this pendant comes in an elegant box of total weight of 0.150 kg with its dimensions as 10 × 10 × 8 cm. Indeed, it is a moissanite beauty to embellish every attire or outfit. 

“A perfect emblem of every heartfelt emotion”

What is a Moissanite Diamond?

With its resemblance to diamonds, a moissanite diamond has more brilliance and sparkle than a diamond. Here are a few more details of a moissanite :

  • Moissanite has a high refractive index that ensures its forever shine.
  • As per the hardness is concerned, moissanite stone is one of the hardest gemstones next to diamonds. It measures 9.25 Mohs on the scale of hardness. 
  • The scratch-resistant surface of moissanite makes it durable and hence, it needs minimal maintenance. 
  • When it’s about heat-resistance, then this stone can withstand upto 1100 degree centigrade of heat. 
  • This laboratory-prepared stone involves zero mining processes. Hence, this makes it a 100% conflict-free gemstone. 

All the moissanite stone used in this pendant is of VVS quality – the highest quality as per the industry standards. Additionally, our manufacturers are high-end jewellery experts. 

So, if you wish to buy unique moissanite jewellery for someone special, then this pendant is an excellent choice. The radius of its solitaire is 5.0mm and it looks very vibrant and clear.

Product specifications

Jewellery Information
Stone Moissanite
Material sterling-silver
Metal Stamp .925 Sterling Silver
 Metal Silver
Model Number 31504/1
Moissanite Information
Stone Shape Round
Stone Color FG
Stone Clarity VVS1
Packaging Weight   0.150 kg
Packaging Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 cm
Stone Details Stone Qty
RD 5.0mm 1

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