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San Moissan Usa Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

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Product Information

Are you looking for a dazzling ring at an affordable budget? San Moissan introduces this Round Moissanite Engagement Ring for you. specifically This unique design is a complete mashup of tried and true looks. Also,this nearly white brilliant cut ring symbolizes everything that is special about your eternal relationship bonds. truly If you admire simplicity over glam, on the other hand this ring is a perfect fit for you. Either style it festive attire or carry it on your professional meetings,wearing this ring will always boost your confidence. 

Wear this ring to embellish your beauty everyday!

Reasons to choose Round Moissanite Engagement Ring over any other gemstone

A moissanite stone comes with brilliant sparkle and shine. and Again Here is the list of some of its characteristics to astonish you:

  • This stone does not get scratches due to its scratch-resistant design.So, it needs very little maintenance. 
  • Its high refractive index allows it to keep glimmering for a long time. 
  • Measuring 9.25 Mohs on the scale of hardness, this gemstone is one of the hardest stones on the planet after diamond.
  • These round moissanites are resistant to heat upto 1100 degree centigrade of temperature. Hence, all its accessories hold their lustre even when exposed to a lot of heat. 

A moissanite is something that everyone can afford. 

Furthermore, this round moissanite ring is tapered with 925 sterling silver, giving it a more elegant look. Correspondingly, the moissanite used in it is ofVVS quality – the highest quality of gemstones as per industry standards. Its total carat weight is 0.29 ct. 

in conclusion All the products at San Moissan are manufactured by artisans who specialize in manufacturing of high-end  jewelry. So, you can always trust the quality and precision we give. 

Finally Order this Round Moissanite Engagement Ring to make your special moments more special!

Product specifications

Jewellery Information
Stone Moissanite
Material sterling-silver
Metal Stamp .925 Sterling Silver
 Metal Silver
Model Number 21665
Carat Total Weight 0.29
Moissanite Information
Stone Shape Round
Stone Color FG
Stone Clarity VVS
Packaging Weight 0.150 kg
Packaging Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 cm

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Size Chart

How to measure

Find your Ring Size

Wonder how much more convenient it would be if you could buy a ring without trying and get a perfect size!

Order a ring of your personalized choice with customization in some simple steps-

  • In case if you have a ring what you need is a measuring tape or a ruler and the best fitting ring of your size.
  1. Measure the diameter of the ring with a scale.
  2. Match the measurement with the chart give below to determine your size
  • In case you are purchasing for the first time all you need is a measuring tape or a ruler, a pencil, a thread roll or a piece of paper and scissors.

  1. Cut a thin long strip of either of the above mentioned not less than 1 centimetre.
  2. Wrap it around the finger below the knuckle.
  3. Use a pen to mark where the two ends meet.
  4. Flatten out the paper and measure the distance from the beginning till the marked point with the help of a ruler.
  5. Match the measurement with the chart given below.

Caution while carrying out the measurement:

  1. Avoid measuring cold fingers as it becomes smaller in cold temperatures.
  2. The best time to measure fingers is at the end of the day when they are the largest!
  3. Keep in mind to measure the largest part of the finger.
  4. Try out the activity 3-4 times to have an accurate result and avoid any fallacy.
Ring Size Diameter Circumference
7 1.48 cm 4.65 cm
8 1.51 cm 4.74 cm
9 1.54 cm 4.84 cm
10 1.57 cm 4.93 cm
11 1.61 cm 5.06 cm
12 1.64 cm 5.15 cm
13 1.67 cm 5.25 cm
14 1.70 cm 5.34 cm
15 1.74 cm 5.47 cm
16 1.78 cm 5.59 cm
17 1.81 cm 5.69 cm
18 1.84 cm 5.78 cm
19 1.87 cm 5.87 cm
20 1.90 cm 5.97 cm
21 1.93 cm 6.06 cm
22 1.96 cm 6.16 cm
23 1.99 cm 6.25 cm
24 2.03 cm 6.38 cm
25 2.06 cm 6.47 cm
26 2.09 cm 6.57 cm
31 2.26 cm 7.10 cm

Product Additional Information

1 64 0.29